Nicola Wilkinson

About Nicola

I work exclusively with women over 40 to reclaim their energy, confidence and sense of wellbeing. 

As a women’s health coach, I support my clients as they navigate the physical, mental and emotional changes which occur during the midlife phase – in the years leading up to, during and after menopause.  

I take time to understand and get to know each woman I work with.

I use my experience as a Women’s Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Pilates and Yoga Teacher to create a personalised roadmap for each woman to reclaim their own sense of complete health and wellbeing. 

I truly believe that nutrition, exercise and empathetic support can transform our wellbeing.  

Following almost a decade’s experience of coaching mainly women over 40, and drawing from my own health challenges, I am passionate about supporting women in the second part of their lives to feel vibrantly alive.

My personal training sessions are delivered in a space of your choice, so that you can feel comfortable and confident exercising in an environment equipped to meet your specific needs and preferences.  Your bespoke physical programme is designed with the expertise and guidance of a fitness professional to provide you with the knowledge, support and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals. 

I believe that good personal training goes beyond your physical training sessions, with motivational, goal-oriented and nutrition coaching.   I coach my clients to embrace exercise they love, adopt a health-oriented approach to nutrition, and hold them accountable for achieving the goals they set themselves outside of our training sessions.

What to expect:

– A full Health, Fitness & Nutrition Consultation carried out prior to programme commencement
– Bespoke 60 minute personal training sessions, delivered in a space of your choice, the great outdoors, or online

– The type of exercise we do will depend entirely upon your own personal needs, goals and preferences.  Sessions can include everything from Pilates and boxing to Resistance Training including free-weights, resistance bands, mat-work and suspension training   

– Nutrition coaching  –  supporting you to embrace a healthy relationship with food, and find the best ways to nourish your individual body and lifestyle

– Access to all of my client resources – from workout templates, nutrition coaching documents and recipes to my online Personal Training Library including 70+ pre-recorded exercise videos

– Goal setting and accountability reminders


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