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Intermediate Back Workout 2

Jamie September 15, 2023

Exercise 1: Pull-Ups

• Sets: 3
• Reps: 8-12
• Rest: 60-75 seconds
• Tips: Use a grip that is comfortable for you (wide, narrow, pronated, supinated). Control both the upward and downward movements, engaging your lats fully. If you can’t do full pull-ups yet, use an assisted pull-up machine or resistance bands.

Exercise 2: Deadlifts

• Sets: 4
• Reps: 6-8
• Rest: 2-3 minutes
• Tips: Maintain a neutral spine, grip the bar just outside your knees, and lift with your hips and legs. Engage your lats to keep the bar close to your body. Use proper form and avoid rounding your back.

Exercise 3a: Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns- Superset with exercise 3b

• Sets: 3
• Reps: 10-12
• Rest: Perform face pulls immediately
• Tips: Sit down with your knees secured, grip the bar wider than shoulder-width, and pull it down to your chest while arching your back slightly. Focus on using your lats to initiate the movement.

Exercise 3b: Face Pulls

• Sets: 3
• Reps: 12-15
• Rest: 2 minutes between each superset
• Tips: Attach a rope handle to a cable station, stand back, and pull the rope towards your face while squeezing your rear deltoids. Keep your upper arms parallel to the ground and focus on the contraction in your upper back.

Exercise 4: Chest-Supported Dumbbell Rows

• Sets: 3
• Reps: 10-12
• Rest: 45 seconds
• Tips: Lie face down on an incline bench, let your arms hang down, and row the dumbbells towards your hips. Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top and control the descent.

Ensure you warm up before diving into the routine and cool down once you’re done. As always, prioritise good form over heavy weights to prevent injuries. Adjust the weights and repetitions as your strength improves, and consider seeking guidance from a fitness professional if you’re unfamiliar with any of these exercises.